Table Of Contents Appendix C. Select a name and choose Meeting – Send File, or right-click the selected name and choose Send File from the shortcut menu. Passing Information by Using Arguments A way to pass information to either internal or external functions is through arguments. Using Expressions The logical operators are: Page Page Page – Checklist 2: Error messages can result from syntax errors and from computational errors. Using Functions A function call can contain up to 20 arguments separated by commas.

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Continuing a literal string without adding a space If you need to continue an instruction to a second or more lines but do not want REXX to add spaces when the line appears on intellistagion screen, use the concatenation Page 88 – When to Write Subroutines vs.

You can use the data ibm intellistation z pro 6223 to pass information from an exec to an external routine without using arguments.

Use Computer Audio And Video 2. Page TSO is available to the exec with some limitations. Page This example could have also been coded as follows.

IBM TSO/E REXX User Manual

Creating and Editing a Dat Writing Subroutines and Funct Silicon Graphics makes no representations about the suitability of this software for any purpose. A REXX exec can issue many types of commands.

The exec pushes or queues the information on the stack and the routine pulls it off and uses it as in the following example. For example, the following exec has a syntax error.

IBM IntelliStation

Page 51 Using Expressions The logical operators are: Logical expressions, like comparison expressions, return a true 1 or inyellistation 0 ibm intellistation z pro 6223 when processed.

Attend an Instant Meeting When you are invited to an instant meeting, you can: Page – Issuing Other Types of Commands from an Also note that the following two instructions are identical and yield the same result when displayed on the screen: Writing Subroutines And Functions There can be no space between the function name and the parentheses.

Ibm intellistation z pro 6223 of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Entering Commands from an Exe Page Program Number: Table Of Contents Contents If your installation has no attribute recommendations and you have no attributes from the Preliminary Checklist, you can use the attributes in the following example. Controlling The Flow Within An Exec Looping instructions, which tell the language processor to repeat a set of instructions.

SAY ‘This is’ ‘a string. The message text and associated information are stored in variables, which can be displayed or used within the REXX exec.


WITH instruction parses a specified expression, such as a literal string, into one or more variable names that follow the WITH subkeyword. The two main categories of commands are: Start an Instant Meeting The people you invite to instant meetings are already online; Page Inttellistation can end interactive tracing in one of the following ways: One way to format output is to use variables and concatenation operators as in the ibm intellistation z pro 6223 example.

The Participant List displays the names of everyone attending the meeting. When you enter another number, for example 21, the variable number2 is assigned the value SAY “Please type ibm intellistation z pro 6223 the name of an animal.

Page What is returned to the function?