I tried everything including disassembling and assembling again but it did not work. John, It might be the LCD screen problem. I ran some software tests and found no problems. I blasted them with compressed air, reassembled and so far so good. So I ordered a new hinge and put the computer back together in the meanwhile. After that you will have to boot the laptop from a USB floppy drive and finish it up. I have a problem with my Ps

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Can I tighten the hinges under the speaker covers or at base of LCD housing internaly? If an external keyboard is attached to a151 notebook either directly or via a docking station or a port-replicatordisconnect it until you have completed this procedure. Is it safe to put alumimum foil on the end to help be a conducter? Check if the CPU fans work properly. But they told toshiba 1400 s151 that this memory can not be replace. It is available from the Toshiba Support toshiba 1400 s151.

I found your website and followed the directions to clean it. It is not separating at the back left and right corners. The power, battery, and HD light in the front are solid green and the power button solid blue. Still it does the same thing. The fan also starts when i start up in bios upgrade mode. Any suggestion will be really helpful. The question is, do you think the fan strained so hard to cool the system that it just broke?

Tosyiba do you think is the problem, and do you think my documents toshiba 1400 s151 files will be lost because of this?

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But before i proceed, do toshiba 1400 s151 have any words of caution??? Did you mean that the AC adapter plug has a bigger diameter then the hole in the laptop? Steve, One antenna wire is called auxiliary.

toshiba 1400 s151 Crossed my fingers and yoshiba, everything went good since it boot normally and now I can do encoding and playing without lockup. It has built in on toshiba 1400 s151, its a 4 chips on it. Hi there, I tried the idea above of vacuming out the vents from my Toshiba laptop, as my lap top too was shutting itself off everytime i tried to play a game or watch a dvd, and it had neever done this until now. But the fan is not damaget because i can control it with the program: I didn t have to separate the CPU from the toshibq, just open the lock and place the whole piece carefully, turn the locking screw.

Are you using an original Toshiba restore CDs? Hey Carlos, Can toshiba 1400 s151 provide a better description on the laptop behavior? Could you give a Model for a replacement LCD screen for me?

The line seems to coorespond to the warmest toshiba 1400 s151 of the base and the bottom toshiba 1400 s151 the screen frame is warmest at that time. When you install the hard drive, s1511 have to slide it inside the laptop base and the connector is completely hidden. Was going to pay pounds to get it fixed: First, turn it on and see if you can get the video on the LCD screen.


I was thinking this would be a good time to up-grade the processor since I have to dis-assemble the unit. Anyway I toshiba 1400 s151 it a try, removed everyting except the CPU, cleaned the 2 fans and the damn so clogged heatsink.

Jeff, It is very possible that the laptop overheats. What is the procedure for fixing these overheating issues when they happen again on the a If after reinstalling the operating system you still experience the same problem, 4100 I can only blame the system board. When you blow compressed air inside the fans d151 toshiba 1400 s151 the toshiba 1400 s151, it will go through the heatsink and should clean it.

Also what email adress should I send the donation through paypal. Can you please provide detailed instructions with picture. Thanks again for your great site and wealth of info!!!

The laptop will continue to toshiba 1400 s151 with details on the screen. This is by far the towhiba site. After the motherboard is removed from the case and the CPU with the cooling module is attached to it, connect an external monitor, plug the AC adapter and press on the power button located on the motherboard.