Minidisco and MiniDisc Now both sell several Sony cases. Small, high quality microphones mounted completely inside a set of Croakies. The Sound Professionals preamp page. This is a miniature hi-fi microphone that can be used with any MD recorder. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. EasyTitle Version 2 has been released August 6, , with several added features including an optional serial port, for PC controlled titling.

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Philips’ page for this unit. They are called “Label Once” and made by Multicomp for 3. The Sound Professionals extension cables page. Yamaba manufactured high quality stereo adapter cable connects MD output to stereo, CD player, etc. Black finish, recessed latches, removable lid.

A recording level control with LED Yamaha xg ymf744b v sound card, LED indicators to monitor the charging and condition of the internal battery and a monitor volume control are also located on the front panel. Tamrac Cases has a huge selection of carrying pouches, many quite suited for on-the-go MD wear.

Electret microphone elements Sensitivity: The reason for this is that car stereo manufacturers are beginning to use smaller heads in their cassette decks. Runs on 9 volt battery for about 8 hours. The Sound Professionals preamp page. Martin Borus’ information about this case. Useful for connecting a CD or sound card with coax digital output to an MD recorder with optical input.

Some modules yamaha xg ymf744b v sound card available with a built-in output level control — handy for users with Sony portables since recording level cannot be changed during recording in non-AGC mode.

Made of unfinished Blue Spruce. Custom manufactured high quality stereo extension cable with gold plated mini plug and jack.

Software package is in Japanese. Wooden or black MD racks, holding between 20 and MiniDiscs each. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.

AM in Denmark makes nicely designed MiniDisc cases and racks. Made of leather, waterproof and specially made for each model of MD. Closely-matched elements provide the spatial impact and realism of a live sound field. Jon offers inexpensive plastic Japanese MD storage boxes that hold 20 discs or 34 sans sleeve. Premium model includes output level control for use with line outputs or headphone outputs.

Sony’s yamaha xg ymf744b v sound card for M-Crew compatible gear.

It cwrd comes in 10 and 20 disk capacity sizes. Small adapter with 2 digital connectors detaches from top inner corner of card as shipped and mounts in extra port opening found on back of PC case. Unit can be purchased from The Melting Pot. Strive to inform the reader and allow them to make an educated choice. They come in a range of sizes and styles, some obviously sized for cassette or Yamaba.

Yamaha XG – Wikipedia

On request, they furnished a 5 row case at the standard price with sond divider spacings for holding MDs without their sleeves. Available for Sound Professionals microphones or in universal version for other manufacturer’s microphones.

Hitmall sells this device in North America. These devices ynf744b an effects yamaha xg ymf744b v sound card system with individual stereo reverb and chorus effects on any of 16 channels, and the ability to route any of the channels through an additional ‘insertion’ effect, and even guitar amp and wah-wah pedal simulations.

Premium 30 pore per inch, foam. A table lists older Sharp portable MD accessories. Burlingame, CA Microphone can be plugged directly into an MD unit, bypassing the included amplifier.

The Sound Professionals “T” mic page. The Sound Professionals mixers page. Koss Porta Pro Jr. These are inserted in MD equipment to clean the lens and head. Cheap and cheerful small sets of drawers and boxes.

MiniDisc Accessories Table

Also available with with Audio Technica and Samson wireless systems. Machine translated manufacturer’s homepage for the CatchSound.

The MobiDisc is powered by an internal Ni-MH rechargeable battery, which provide three to four hours of working time. XG has a wide range of sounds yamha form yaaha complex chords and produces a yamaha xg ymf744b v sound card variety of lower synthesizer sounds to choose from. Sharp’s Japanese Page for the unit. Run long balanced audio lines and get superb noise free audio.