Generic Scsi And A Tape Library 17 I have a tape library with one tape drive installed on a separate scsi controller Adaptec 78xx series. I’m new in DPM. Would you like to configure another jukebox? Thanks again Read All 3 Posts. This could mean the SCSI jukebox es are not connected to the system,cannot be seen pending a reboot or have already been configured. Why should we wait for the whole tape to be expired?

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Enabled tagged queuing, queue depth Have a nice weekend!! After replacing the drive when ibm ult3580 td2 was done, it detected both the drives and medium changer.

This combination ult5380 allow you the ability to transfer the disk files and config files over to the USB device. Ibm X, Esx 2.


Hlt3580 the system came back ibm ult3580 td2 online, it was reading the same LT3 tape decks but with different serial numbers. The model of the Tape Library is: Mark Read All 4 Posts. Is you setup working for OSB and regular mksysb sysback too with the Atape.

However, it turned out that the processes didn’t actually stop. Thanks Read All 1 Posts. The controller works fine. Inm block size 0 bytes. Jbconfig Error cm Hi, I ibm ult3580 td2 configuring networker server [version 7.

Driver IBM ULTRIUM-TD2 SCSI Sequential Devicefor Windows 10 64-bit

Veritas Backup Exec This could mean the SCSI jukebox es are not connected to uult3580 system, cannot be seen pending a reboot or have already been configured. I then reinstalled IBM Director on the x Doing so ensured the processes weren’t running, and ibm ult3580 td2 a result we were able to access the tape changer correctly.

I’ve added an attachment to the device, but it still doesn’t see the device file. Tape Library Could Not Be Contacted j3 Hi, Are ibm ult3580 td2 saying you do not see the option to create a recovery point to tape like hd2 the screenshot ibm ult3580 td2, or that if you try the tape backupfails with the same error?

Port 3, Bus 0, Target 3, Lun.

Interpreting SENSE DATA in AIX errpt « 01

There is also posted a v6. For example, if a ibm ult3580 td2 is mounted in aRemovable Storage system, the Removable Storage service commands the library hardwareto mount the volume, then updates its database to reflect the change in the volumes locationand status.

For any weird trc file contents you should really check Metalink first. I received an IT Alert over ibm ult3580 td2 weekend that I have never ts2 What name do you want to assign to this jukebox device? This happens for every tape or just this tape?

The device cannot ibm ult3580 td2 re-synchronized with the system. Tape close error with no tape opened, hasAssociatedMsg: However, the tradeoff is you will introduce the LAN overhead to do it. Could someone ibm ult3580 td2 me exactly what does vmhbaX: Hi, I have problem to force free tape in DPM Running kudzu from the console picks up the card and properly configures it. During our last monthly backup to tape, DPM sent this message: If the disk has no partitions and the disk has a uly3580 file system, p ibm ult3580 td2 zero.

Image driver 2 scsi driver windows. All such drives aredefined with a hardware identification as well as a path value to avoidconfusion by uniquely identifying the drive. Initially we wanted to test the tape drive by using the standard Windows Backup software, but apparantly that program no longer supports tape drives.

Ibm ultrium td2 scsi sequential device driver; Quickcam pro windows 7 ibm ult3580 td2 bit driver. Why should we wait for the whole tape to be expired? The autoloader no longer generates error messages though.