Medium Security Mode 2, Service level enforced security Authentication or Authorization is requested when a specific service is accessed by other Bluetooth enabled devices. The Bluetooth passkey must be the same at both sides. Give this Bluetooth service computer a name and computer type, let the other Bluetooth identify. If the local Bluetooth device is removed or the remote device is powered off, all the connections will be disconnected. The service has not been started. On the client side, initiate the connection.

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Connect to the phone’s FTP service.

The manufacturer of the remote device. Configure dongle-is10002n properties of the local Bluetooth services e. The tray bar icon will show the BlueSoleil is not available. The features that the remote device supports. Single-click on the icon to select. Right-click on bt dongle-is1002n horus module service icon to display a pop-up menu of related operations. Or you can select to reboot later. Click on the File Transfer tab.

To manually remove any previous Bluetooth software that exists on your system, the remove procedure is as follows: To initiate a new bt dongle-is1002n horus module search that will first clear the list, press F5. Otherwise, the Bluetooth passkey is moudle asked. Remote devices can be in any of three states, which BlueSoleil indicates with different colors. Display BlueSoleil Control window. Whether the local service is connected.

HPTPS-BT02C Bluetooth Adapter User Manual TPS-BT02_manual_Ivt_ Hong Puu Technology Co., Ltd.

BlueSoleil After BlueSoleil software installed in dongle-i1002n system, bt dongle-is1002n horus module BlueSoleil service will automatically execute while system starts and show its icon on the Windows system tray.

Installation To prevent potential problem during installing the software, please do not plug in any Bluetooth Device i. It dongle-ls1002n take a few minutes, please wait it finishes the installation. Find Device Add New Device: You can only configure security for local services when the Security Level is set to Medium.

Then bt dongle-is1002n horus module the BlueSoleil service window. Configure the parameters for the object push.

After copy all the files, the installation will try to bt dongle-is1002n horus module virtual Bluetooth device in your system. This is called service browse. Refresh the list of remote devices detected by BlueSoleil. Execute the shortcut on desktop. For example, a Bluetooth mobile phone can offer 4 services, which include synchronization, dial-up Confidential 75 Version1. Don’t have an account?

Integrated System Solution IS1002N Horus Quick Install Manual

Bt dongle-is1002n horus module can still run when the window is hidden. Reject the device to use the service if it is not a trusted device of this service If a non-trusted device attempts to access the service, the connection will be rejected automatically without informing the user. Non-pairable A Bluetooth device can be pairable or non-pairable.

The device with the bt dongle-is1002n horus module name will appear highlighted in the Main Window. Please remove the Software CD after the installation is complete. Accessibility Properties Page Confidential 66 Version1. Got it, continue to print. Bluetooth system tray shows Bluetooth Adapter is not available 2. Serial Port A service Connection: