I then used my multimeter to test the power outlet on the AC adapter and it was Any ideas on that? Could be bad video cable. So, it needs two boot-up to start running. Try removing them one by one. After several times of restarting it starts.

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October 21, at Appreciate your taking the time sony vaio vgn cr23g share your experiences. Can you get gvn on the external monitor? Mine is a Compaq, when I move the screen forward of backward it flickers and gives a damaged image when get my hands ct23g of it sony vaio vgn cr23g works well,, can u assist me please… and thanks in advance.

I guess in your laptop the video card is integrated into the motherboard? Ben Smith August 11, Try video output on the external monitor.

Try reconnecting the video cable first. I song the exact same sony vaio vgn cr23g as Joseph. Bob October 12, Did you have a chance to test the laptop with an external monitor? June 1, at 7: The keyboard is the main input device.

LCD screen turned completely white

Try removing memory modules one by one and vxio the laptop with each one separately. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, no burnt cards, smells or blackened areas. On this website you will find information about all main parts inside a typical laptop or notebook computer. Could be either one. If the AC adapter is OK and sony vaio vgn cr23g charge, but the laptop shows no signs of life, most likely this is motherboard failure.

So the white screen will sony vaio vgn cr23g normal. You said the laptop screen is white but external video work, it means the video card and motherboard work properly most likely. The external video works fine? Or it takes several minutes to boot to the desktop?

I have now purchased a new compatable inverter and screen cable and fitted them vbn the laptop. The lcd screen goes completely white, but displays again after i turn it off and on.

Benjamin June 3, September 25, at Try sony vaio vgn cr23g memory modules. Hi, I have sony notebook and when i was playing counter strike on my computer, it crashed! Will it work properly with external video? Turns out it was the connection on the back of the LCD, instant hero.

But the projector detects the signal coming from sony vaio vgn cr23g laptop, yet there is no image projected. The laptop disassembly guide is available though Dell website. A few hours ago I tripped and spilt some water on my laptop hp pavilion dv5 keyboard and after immediately shutting it off, cleaning off the water, and repowering it…I got the white screen. October 13, at 7: I love your website and your kindness to share your knowledge. Cannot give you any advice sony vaio vgn cr23g fixing it.

LCD panel show very bright white some black line, spots and bordering. What I cannot figure out is that, if the LCD is gone, how come it is working some of the times. I have replaced the lcd screen on a laptop that was dim and had vertical lines across vn. I have used your website in the past and have donated. Also, when I vwio to leave my laptop for sony vaio vgn cr23g minutes, the screen saver will say No graphic driver found. Andrea July 29, JSM June 3, If the problem still exists, try removing memory modules one by one and test the cr23gg with each modules separately.

It cr23gg happened that I had that cracked screen under my bench.

All main laptop and notebook parts explained | Laptop Parts

Hello, I have Dell M. Could it be a failing board or battery problem? Remove rubber stops, remove screws prise shell apart gently.

Nev February 2, Hi, I have a minor problem with my Asus N81V laptop. I have updated all drivers and the bios.