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Both your phone and the computer must be turned on, and your computer must have the correct software drivers installed. If you set Memory Card as your phone’s default USB fownload, you need to return to the standard setting before you can charge your phone battery.

Copy Objects To Another Device guide for the device. Removing the Rear Housing Latches Carefully lift the rear housing away from the phone.

Page 86 continue to have discomfort during or after such use, stop use and see a physician. Defects or damage that result from the use of Non-Motorola branded or certified Products, Accessories, Software or other peripheral equipment are excluded from coverage. Troubleshooting V Table 3.

Motorola V360 Service Manual

Defects or damages resulting from service, testing, adjustment, installation, manhal, motorola v360 manual pdf download, or modification in any way by someone other than Motorola, or its authorized service centers, are excluded from coverage.

Your Motorola mobile motorola v360 manual pdf download is designed to comply with local regulatory requirements in your country concerning exposure of human beings to RF energy.

Keep your mobile device and its accessories away from small children. Appointed Motorola Service Hubs will perform warranty and non-warranty field service for level 2 assemblies and level 3 limited PCB component.

Other Features, Advanced Calling other features advanced calling features conference call During a call: You will receive instructions on how to ship the Products, Accessories or Software, at your expense, to a Motorola Authorized Repair Center.

Motorola V Manual

Right Soft Key Voice dial. Screen Saver, Display Appearance options Select Center to center the image in the display, Layout Tile to repeat the image across the display, or Motorolla to stretch the image across motorola v360 manual pdf download display. Remove the battery cover, battery, SIM, antenna cap, and rear housing as described in the procedures Use the disassembly tool to unseat the display flex connector from its socket see Figure 8.

This warranty extends only to the first consumer purchaser, and is not transferable.

Warranty Subject to the exclusions contained below, Motorola, Inc. Page 33 Level 1 and 2 Service Manual Disassembly Page 89 Unauthorized Service or Modification.

Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications without notice or obligation. Page 98 takes attention away from your primary responsibility—driving safely. Use the plastic tweezers or plastic hand tool to pry the microphone out jotorola its socket and carefully remove from the front housing.


To obtain service, you must include: Install A Memory Card install a memory card 1 Remove the battery door, if necessary. Level 1 and 2 Service Manual Disassembly Lift the end of the battery out first, then slide the entire battery from the phone.

Personalizing personalizing features language scroll activate ringer ring volume keypad volume reminders news view other features Set menu language: Level 1 and 2 Service Manual Disassembly Release the four housing latches by inserting the pointed end of the plastic disassembly tool into the openings on the rear housing. Network, Personal Organizer features power-off delay car kit charger time car kit network features network settings personal organizer features set alarm turn off alarm add new datebook event other features Set the phone to stay on for a specified time after the ignition is switched off: Verify that the motorola v360 manual pdf download has been cleared complaining of difficulty in hearing defective.

Enter majual from picture: Press the Delete motorola v360 manual pdf download to delete character to left of insertion When you enter three or more characters in a row, your phone may guess the rest of the word.

Motorola V360 Owner’s Manual

Page 56 features sort phonebook list change phonebook search copy phonebook entry send phonebook entry in a text message other features Set the order in which entries are listed: Cable Connections, Memory Card To transfer data between motorola v360 manual pdf download phone and computer, you must install the software included with the Motorola Original data kit. Index index accessories 7, 61 accessory connector port 1 active line indicator 27 active line, changing 49 alarm clock 62 alert set 35, 38 turn off 34, 35, 42 animation 64 answer a call psf, 41 attach a number 43, 48 audio player 16 backlight 40 motorola v360 manual pdf download Once you connect your phone to a Bluetooth device, that device can start a similar Bluetooth connection with your phone.

Here are the profiles you can choose: