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By Annalisa Fabbri Experkences, Dept. Alternatively you can download a paper version of this screening tool. This is the second version of the scale, and it is easier to score than the original version. This version was designed specifically for a Puerto Rican dissociative experiences scale pdf download, and the translators advise it may need some editing to be suitable for other Spanish-speaking populations.

By Tor Boc, Psy. This questionnaire asks about experiences that you may have in your daily life.

The Dissociative Experiences Scale measures a wide dissociative experiences scale pdf download of types of dissociation, including both problematic dissociative experiences, and normal dissociative experiences e. A very high number of people who score above 30 have been shown to have Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or a dissociative disorder other than Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Suzette Boon, and Dr.

Putnam, the original authors of the research, who have given permission for it to be copied, distributed or reproduced for research and clinical use. Translation and back translation were done by two different bilingual interpreters, and the translation was checked by trained clinicians for errors of content. The scale was developed to provide a reliable, valid, and convenient way to quantify dissociative experiences.

Chinese, Simplified Character Version. The remaining information can be copied or modified for any purpose, including commercially, provided a dissociative experiences scale pdf download back is included.


The final version will be used to assess survivors of the Korean War. Adolescents should use a different dissociative experiences scale pdf download. Standard procedures for triple blind back-translation were followed, with the assistance of Kate Fang of the University of Pennsylvania. An update on the Dissociative Experience Scale. It is important, however, that your answers show how often these experiences happen to you when you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

High levels of dissociation are dissociative experiences scale pdf download by scores of 30 or more, scores under 30 indicate low levels. The copyright for the questions, answers and scoring method belongs to E. Download a printable version expeiences this screening tool. This website does exepriences provide medical advice.

This translation by Serge Saintonge, Ph. Each translated the DES separately; then all three agreed on a final version.

Dissociative Experiences Scale, II | 01

By using the tool you agree to accept that the website’s owner and contributors are not responsible or pf for the outcome of the tool, the dissoxiative of the calculations, or any decisions or events which result from using it.

By Frantisek Man, Ph. Translated by Masahiro Dissociative experiences scale pdf download, M. Development, reliability and validity of a dissociation scale. By Jerzy Siuta, Ph. Some questions were modified after a pilot. International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. You can use the feedback form to report any mistake.

Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES-II): Screening for Dissociative Identity Disorder and more

Ida Bertin, of the Public Service of Psychiatry. Disclaimer This self-assessment tool is not a substitute for clinical diagnosis or advice.

In most browsers you can activate JavaScript using a dialog box somewhere under one of the experienes bar options. Privacy Your results dissociative experiences scale pdf download not collected by this website, or sent anywhere.