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What is “Protocol” on objective c? What is use of NSOperation? Are you sure you want to continue? What is use of UIApplication class?

C programming Interview questions and answers: C objective questions and answers pdf

Are you sure you want to delete this list? What is t he meaning of “strong”keyword? Also remove everything in this list from your library.

Peoplesoft Interview Questions and Answers. What manual memo ry manag ement? List of top 60 IOS interview questions and answers for freshers beginners and answwers pdf free download.

What is synchronized block in objective c? Difference between nil and Nil.

How to download something from the inter net? What is meaning of “atomic” keyword? How to use reusable cell in UITableview? What is property in Objective ibjective-c How Push notification works?

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What is difference stron g and weak reference? Downloxd is latest Xcode version? How to start a selector on a background thread. What is meaning of “synthesize” keyword?

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What is Category in Objective c? What are the features is IOS objectve-c What is the meaning of “weak” keyword? What is “Push Notification”?

What is iPhone screen size? What is meaning of “nonatomic” keyword? What compilers a pple using? Java Script Interview Questions and Answers.

How to parse JSON? What is Cococa a nd cocoa touch?

What is latest mac os version? Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers. What is the “interface” and “implementation”?

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